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  • Topsheet 151cm.
  • Base graphic 151cm.
  • Topsheet 154cm.
  • Base graphic 154cm.
  • Topsheet 156cm
  • Base graphic 156cm.
  • Topsheet 157Wcm.
  • Base graphic 157Wcm.
  • Topsheet 158cm.
  • Base graphic 158cm.

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Bataleon Whatever 158cm

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Product Description

The name of this model is perhaps the best answer to the question: “What is this board good for?” The combination of a twin contact shape with a slightly directional outline gives you the best of both worlds! Add in a soft-mid flex for ultimate ‘slay anything’ and ‘get better fast’ credentials.

Built around a CORE CORE, which is composed of a poplar wood core with two hardwood inserts running parallel to the edges along the insert rows. These increase the cores strength along the inserts while channeling stored elastic energy to deliver more pop. We gave the core a mid flex and used core profiling to produce an overall pattern that is slightly softer outside the bindings than between them and is good for … whatever: Cruising, carving, buttering, ollieing, pressing rails, landing jumps and getting away with it when things go wrong!

The CORE CORE is surrounded by BI-AX laminate layers. These are aligned along the board’s length and between its edges, both above and below the core to create an easy and forgiving flex that allows you to directly feel the terrain under the board. BI-AX laminate layers do not increase torsional stiffness so the WHATEVER remains relaxed during carves and butters.

FREESTYLE TBT is our most versatile TBT profile. There is a traditional (curved) camber profile on the centre base (non TBT) section. The centre base section now has a medium width, which retains decent stability on presses but this stability is now evenly balanced that with its edge-to-edge agility. The side base TBT uplift therefore reaches a medium height, making the WHATEVER pretty forgiving and gives good powder float, without the TBT getting too crazy! The TBT uplift begins outside the bindings to give a longer contact length (without TBT) between the feet. This enhances high speed stability. FREESTYLE TBT is symmetrical about the nose and tail for equal performance when riding switch as forwards and represents a ‘good for everything’ shape: Fast and forgiving edge-to-edge looseness and great overall stability. When combined with the soft-mid flex,FREESTYLE TBT also results in ollies and butters that are bigger and better than they have ever been.

The WHATEVER features a true twin contact shape, FREESTYLE TBT and a centred stance. This makes it feel generally just like a twin, being excellent for switch riding. However, the nose of a WHATEVER is 1 cm longer than its tail, with the extra length added to the region that never touches snow – at the very tip. The extra length includes transitioned TBT, which lifts the tip even further, making the extra length feel a whole lot longer and improving float. So when you find yourself crashing through a trashed powder field, a bombed out landing or generally cruddy snow, a WHATEVER is much more likely to carry you through.

The WHATEVER features LIGHTNING EDGES that are thinner and lighter, to enable you to carve with more feeling and precision and an extruded base that is easy to repair. We included the STACKED insert pattern. This is mid-way between the PRECISE and PARTY patterns: 22 inserts offer a fairly large range of stance widths, with maximum precision in the exact placement of your bindings.

The WHATEVER’s graphics were inspired by our favourite ever cartoon: Screw you guys, I’m going home! With a perfect soft-mid flex, the WHATEVER shreds rails, is great fun on jumps, dominates carving on groomers and can fully handle a mellow powder day. What’s it good for? WHATEVER!


Sizes:   151, 154, 156, 157W, 158.


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