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  • Topsheet 151 & 154cm.
  • Base graphic 151 & 154cm.
  • Topsheet 151 & 154cm.
  • Base graphic 157 & 159Wcm.

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Bataleon Riot 154cm

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Product Description

The RIOT is the most tech of our true twins: More poppy than an opium farm in southeast Asia! The RIOT is super stable and is more than capable of sticking high speed landings. This makes it the weapon of choice when things have gotten serious and the team need to keep smiling.

The RIOT is designed around the CORE CORE. A poplar wood core with two hardwood inserts running parallel to the edges and along the insert rows. These increase the cores strength along the inserts while channeling stored elastic energy to deliver more pop. We gave the core a mid flex and used core profiling to produce an overall pattern that is slightly softer outside the bindings than between them. This permits the RIOT enough flex to store up the energy for powerful ollies while retaining ultimate stability, even at warp speed!

The addition of kevlar stringers in the nose and tail sections that run parallel to the edges enhance the pop further with volcanic explosiveness. They do this by connecting the outside of the binding areas to the nose and tail in straight lines. They store even more elastic energy, which can be converted into magnified pop! Their inclusion stiffens the RIOT along its length, giving it an overall mid-stiff flex but they contribute nothing to its torsional stiffness. The extra layups also help to damp any vibrations along the length of the edges that could cause them to chatter in icy conditions. Because the stringers are absent in the region between the bindings, they do not produce any twitchiness, allowing the RIOT to remain rock solid at even the highest speeds.

The core is wrapped in BI-AX laminate layers, both above and below the core. These are aligned along the board’s length and between its edges, both above and below the core and allow you to directly feel the terrain under the board. BI-AX laminate layers do not add anything to the torsional stiffness so the RIOT retains an overall mid-stiff flex, but remains reasonably soft torsionally. This allows it to be absolutely solid at high speeds yet light and agile for landings and when carving.

The RIOT has TWIN TBT, with a smoothly curving camber profile on the centre base (non TBT) section. TWIN TBT side base uplift begins just outside the bindings for a longer contact length when sliding on a flat base. This assists its stability at high speeds. The centre base section is also narrower than JIB or PARK TBT, making the total side base uplift higher. This allows the RIOT to carve dexterously while reducing the tendency for edge catches.

We complete the construction with LIGHTNING EDGES to save weight and a sintered base so you can reach the speeds this beast was designed for (so long as you wax regularly)! With specs like this we had to give the RIOT a PARTY PATTERN: 24 holes to give the largest possible range of stance widths and ultimate control over its exact width. Nothing else would have been enough.

The graphic is an absolute beauty. Featuring psychedelic images of hot women swimming, shot by Petrovskyramone. A modern classic!

The RIOT is the twin you need if you ride balls-to-the-wall! Huge kickers, massive drops, enormous backcountry jumps and terminal velocity piste and powder riding, the RIOT can do it all!


Sizes:   151, 154, 157, 159W.


Don’t take our word for it: Ethan says “The Riot is the ultimate board if you just want to send it over booters that no one else will hit… With this machine-gun you can destroy up any jump around and impress your friends with how big your balls are because it is so strong, plus it keeps you from slipping, sliding and catching your edge… So there is nothing to be afraid of when you use it..”


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