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Bataleon Global Warmer GW 154cm

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Product Description

We introduced the GLOBAL WARMER (GW) in the 1213 range, to instant acclaim. Based on the AIROBIC, the GW is its tougher older brother. You know? The one with a black belt in karate and a hot girlfriend! To achieve this feat, we took the opposite approach to most other companies: Rather than searching for materials that give OK performance and are ‘eco-friendly’ (that is before they are bonded into a snowboard using pretty ‘eco-unfriendly’ glue and processes), we decided to select materials that were the best for the task at hand – making an awesome snowboard!

Therefore the GW is actually no less than a so-called “green board”, but is constructed from the very best materials available to give a superior ride! Plus it has a funny name! This board was designed with one thing in mind – to be the most badass, ultimate all round park destroying shred stick since, well, ever. It achieved all this and more given the feedback of the team.

It is a twin in both outline and contact shapes and the GW features a CORE CORE, composed of poplar wood with two hardwood inserts running parallel to the edges along the insert rows. These increase the cores strength in that critical region, while channeling stored elastic energy for turbo pop. We gave the core a soft flex along the board’s length and used core profiling to produce a flex pattern that is slightly softer outside the bindings than between the feet. This keeps presses super easy, helps a lot with pop outs and gives mega flex on board slides. With a stiffer core between your feet, you get all this is without sacrificing too much stability at high speed. The CORE CORE is surrounded with BI-AX laminate layers. These are aligned along the board’s length and between the edges, both above and below the core to create an easy and forgiving flex that allows you to directly feel the terrain under the board and also retain a fully legit press capability! BI-AX laminate layers do not increase torsional stiffness so the GW retains an overall soft flex, both torsionally and along its length.

We added edge-to-edge carbon stringers that run straight across the board under the binding areas. These increase the carbon footprint but f*ck that because they further reinforce the board in the insert areas and give wild pop off kickers and rails. They do this without compromising the GWs longitudinal flex or torsionally stiffening it. This makes the GW an unusually all round freestyle board: The core profile and laminates make it is soft enough for certified presses on the rail line, but the added carbon makes the GW feel solid over even heavy hitting jumps and gives it so much pop!

The TBT profile is PARK TBT. This TBT is symmetrical about the nose and tail for a true twin snowboard. It retains a trapezoidal profile on the centre base (non TBT) section, so presses are still easy and legit, but the TBT side base uplifts now begin outside the bindings and the flat centre base section is slightly narrower than in JIB TBT. This allows the GW to remain forgiving like all TBT boards, but to retain many jib specific benefits on a board that has a longer centre flat section and is hence more stable more stable at high speeds and better at landing jumps. A narrower centre base section also makes the GW more agile during edge changes, which makes carving and buttering more fun!

The GW features LIGHTNING EDGES that are thinner and lighter than the average. This enables you to carve with better feeling and more precision. The construction is completed with a sintered base, that is hard as nails and fast as f*ck when properly maintained. We included a PARTY PATTERN of inserts, with 24 holes for ultimate flexibility in the range of stance widths as well as ultimate precision to get the width exactly correct.

The GW is a top shelf board built from the best materials and including the best features. It presses as effortlessly as the best rail board, but pops off rails like the snappiest kicker board! Our team cannot sing its praises enough for handling everything. It is the missing link; allowing freestyle riders to have just one board instead of one each for rails and for jumps. Snowboarding turned up to 11!


Sizes:   148, 151, 154, 156W, 157.


Don’t take our word for it: Jaeger says “This board kills it on any terrain!”

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