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Bataleon Funkink 148,151,154,157,159W,160cm

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Product Description

The softest and most playful of our men’s freestyle boards, The FUN.KINK features a true twin contact shape for excellent freestyle handling and switch riding, but its nose is 1 cm longer than its tail, with the extra length added to the region that never touches snow – at the very tip. The extra length includes transitioned TBT, which lifts the tip even further, making the extra length feel a whole lot longer and improving float. So when you find yourself crashing through a trashed powder field, a bombed out landing or generally cruddy snow, a FUN.KINK is much more likely to carry you through.

The FUN.KINK is built around a TOUGHCORE, constructed from pressure bonded wood composite. This is very flexible yet difficult to snap. We gave the core a soft-mid flex and used core profiling to produce an overall pattern that is slightly softer outside the bindings than between them. This makes presses effortless, gives that classic bend during board slides, and makes the FUN.KINK one of the most forgiving boards in the range. It is great for fast progression as well as super easy and playful buttering. It should be noted that the core is tough and can take a real beating! HAMMER EDGES are thicker, tougher, stronger and more durable than the average edge. Great when the board is up against metal and concrete, but also very useful when you hit anything that is not snow. BI-AX laminate layers are aligned along the board’s length and between its edges, both above and below the core. BI-AX laminate layers do not increase torsional stiffness and result in an even easier and more forgiving flex, allowing you to directly feel the terrain under your feet. They keep the board super playful.

FREESTYLE TBT is the most ‘all round’ TBT in the range. It is symmetrical about the nose and tail for equal performance when riding switch as forwards. With a traditional (curved) camber profile on the centre base (non TBT) section, which now has a medium width to retain decent stability on presses while balancing that with superb edge-to-edge agility. FREESTYLE TBT is very easy for carving, plus it helps make ollies and butters bigger and better than they have ever been! The TBT side base uplift begins outside the bindings to give a longer contact length, without TBT, between the feet. This improves its stability when straight lining at speed. FREESTYLE TBT is therefore a ‘good for everything’ shape, balancing fast and forgiving edge-to-edge looseness with great overall stability.

We finished the construction with an easy-to-repair extruded base to result in a board that is great on street and park rails, smaller jumps as well as being great fun for cruising around the mountain: Undoubtedly it is one of the most enjoyable boards ever for piste cruising and mini shredding!  The inserts take the PRECISE PATTERN. This has 20 closely spaced inserts over the range, allowing riders more fine control over their stance width.

The graphic is an eye catching 80s inspired combination of black paint splatters on a white background, overlaid with broad brush strokes in red. Powerful stuff! If playing is your thing, then you need a FUN.KINK because it is the most fun that you can have with your pants on.


Sizes:   148, 151, 154, 157, 159W, 160.


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